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You will be noticed driving down the road or in a parking lot depending on how personalized your car is. Modification of a cardepends on several factors; modifying inside and out, engine, and car performance. There are cheap and easy way that will make your car look great and unique.


This depends on the exterior view. You can be sparing butyou are not afraid to show off your personality. Custom paint job, vinylgraphics of different shapes, factory wheels and tires are considered asexterior modifications.


This includes adding steering wheel cover, seat covers,pedal set, map lights, and painted dash. More so adding comfort and style toyour car requires interior accessories, including; CD player, screen,amplifier, and speakers.


Performance modificationlike, adding power, air intake, suspensions, and exhaust intake adds horsepowerand provides cooler air and increases life and performance of your car.

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