Car Maintenance Tips For Maruti Owners

May a car be fromMaruti or any other manufacturer, specialized segments such as the engine, bodyand tyres need checked for their functionality regularly. If the parts are notmaintained as soon as a glitch appears, it will show several malfunctions likeless mileage, irritating sounds while running etc.

Guideline for properMaruti Maintenance:

Each time you comeacross a problem, refer to the owner’s manual before you try your hands on theMaruti car or let somebody else touch it.

Initially the carneeds to be serviced at recommended intervals which are usually mentioned inthe service book or in the back side of owner’s manual. After that the carshould be serviced regularly, may be at longer intervals, but servicing ismust.

The mobile oil, breakoil and engine oil level should be checked time to time, especially the breakoil level which decreases rapidly.

The wheels should berotated as per the instructions given in the owner’s manual.

Tyre pressure shouldbe checked once or twice in a week. Doing so would increase the engine life anddurability.

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