Demand of Maruti Swift In Indian Sub-continent

When Maruti Swift was launched, it had the best configuration in its class. The previous models of Maruti 800 and Maruti Alto were expected to get kicked out of the market. The Swift has a great torque, modified advanced engine, more inside space and more leg space. The model is also available with several comfort options like power driving and power windows. It has a wider view and gives an appearance of a sedan from the front. The doors are well placed and height of the car is a bit more than Maruti 800 and Alto.

All the luxuries and facilities of most sedans were introduced at one and half times the cost of a normal Alto. The car gained popularity as a personal family car. Only disadvantage of the maruti swift is that it is available in petrol version only. However, most of the households in the Indian sub-continent are habituated with petrol run cars as they show the ultimate performance in a long run of 7-9 years with apparently low maintenance and engine failures. 

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