Important tips to keep your Classical cars properly maintained.

It is very important to keep your carsproperly maintained. Looking after your cars not only keeps them running for alonger period of time but it also determines that the resale value of your cardoes not go down. By following certain basic simple steps, you can ensure thatyour classic car works fineall the time and doesn’t break down in midway.

The oil levels in the car should be checkedevery week as engines run at a very high temperature which need regular oilchange. The air hoses and fan belts should be also checked regularly for anywear and tear. The antifreeze system should also be changed every year byflushing out the cooling system and replacing the tanks by new coolants. Thetransmission fluid must also be checked regularly. In order to keep the airconditioning working properly, you should run it once in every month. It is also important to keepyour car waxed to prevent it from rust.

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