Maintenance and new cars

New cars can be a thrilling and fun purchase. They are made to last, show off financial prosperity, and can give owners a big confidence boost. In order to keep your second biggest asset looking like new, follow some of these basic tips.

1. Change your oil according to the new car’s specific needs. Some cars need fewer oil changes as engines become more efficient. Always consult the owner’s manual.

2. Follow the new car’s service schedule. In this busy world, it may be tempting to skip regular maintenance. However, to the preserve the life of the vehicle, it is always best to get it regularly serviced.

3. Lubrication. All moving parts will need lubrication at some point to avoid wear and tear. Check ball bearings and other joints to ensure there isn’t any grinding.

4. Change your fluids regularly. Change out transmission fluids according to the owner’s manual. Also, bleed out the break fluid system and replace brake fluid at least once a year.

5. Keep new cars looking new by protecting the paint. Buy good quality wax and wax your car every six months, at least.

With these tips, you will keep your car like new for many years to come

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