Tips for Taking Care of a New Car

Taking care of a brand new car is important. It requiresless time and effort. A new car makesone want to spend the whole day walking around it. Here are four areas oneshould concentrate on while servicing and taking care of the car.


The car should be regularly washed to remove loose grime anddirt. Any bonded surface contamination that are stuck to the paint should beremoved with detailing clay. The car can then be polished to removecontaminants that make the paint rough.

Interior environment

It is advisable for new car owners to avoid slathering the interiorsurfaces with shiny protectants. The shiny protectants can leach plasticizersand increase their chance of developing cracks. Spreading carpets on a car’sfloor helps prevent pollen, mildew, and dirt from clinging.


It is pretty good to change oil of a new engine after thefirst 20 miles. The oil may look fresh, but it contains tiny metal particles. Ifthey are not removed, the engine’s efficiency reduces drastically.


A new car’s brake pads should be handled with care. Regular cleaningof the brake rotors is necessary to remove the leftover metal grindings. Thegrindings can damage the pad material after a few miles. Drivers should alsoavoid high-speed stops .

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