Top 5 cool cars

Cars are interesting and most of us love them, it does not get any simple than that. Apart from loving interesting cars, there are cars that are considered to be exotic, the type of cars that we all droll for. That’s right, the super-cars. We all love speed, expense and elegance, and we love the cars that portray this in terms of design be it interior or exterior and even the engine performance. These are the cars that we consider as cool cars.

Here is a list of my top 5 coolest cars:
1. The Bugatti veyron. Hitting a top speed of 259 mph, the veyron 16.4 super-sport is said to be the fastest car. The model goes for $2.5 million.
2. The Ferrari California. The two door hardtop convertible with an elegant design is an exotic car that has a top speed of up to 189 mph. The car goes for $ 200,000.
3.The Lamborghini Gallardo. The super-light sport-car produces up to 500 Hp with 190 mph top speed. The model goes for $181,900.
4. The macLaren F1. While the model is no longer produced, it qualifies for the list because it meets the conditions. The car had a top speed of 240 mph and used to roll out for $970,000.
5. The Audi R8 V10. With a 528 horsepower engine, the car has maximum speeds of up to 196 mph. The Audi goes for $182,560.

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