Car Maintenance Tips That Save Money In A Long Run

Car loving people usually buy a car they love, but wise people buy a car with low maintenance costs.However, there are few basic things a car owner needs to take care of which will save money in long run.

1 Clean the brake duston a regular basis

2 checking type pressures would check extra pressure on the engine, hence less fuel is used.

3 Bald and slick tyres are idea for racing purpose, not for roads. Always have an account of the distance the car has traveled after you changed the tyres last time.

4 The engine has number of rubber belts that rotate several mechanical parts of the engine. The rubber belts need to be checked every 25000 miles. 

5 As the engine has numerous mechanical parts that keep rotating and moving at high speed, any kind of malfunction can lower the engine oil level. Yet, the car would seem to run efficiently which may break down any time sooner. So, checking the engine oil level once in a week is recommended. 

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